Saturday, 28 April 2018

The Smell of Sunscreen

Check out these chord progressions for our new song...



Mission Impossible

We begin with TAB for 27 bars (counts of 4).
They are indicated by the number above the music staves.

Here is the TAB we need to learn. Take a careful look. Learn a small piece at a time
Here is someone really good and their arrangement of Mission Impossible. We will use the link that the teacher has to our version for the concert.

How to Play Ukulele TAB - tablature for Happy Birthday

This way we can pluck the individual notes rather than play the chords.

This is Me - from the Greatest Showman

To begin with - just play the chorus: D, Bm7, Gsus2, Asus4.... we can learn the verse later!

Here comes the verse but watch out as it is super FAST. You need to learn this chord - Bm 
but you already know these....A, D, G.